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What kind of photos can be used in the Momento Software?

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Any jpeg, tiff or png files that are saved onto your computer can be used. We recommend that these are all at 300dpi at the size that these will be in your project. Adobe RGB is the recommended colour space. These can be a mixture of files from the following sources.

  • Digital photos on your computer
  • Digital photos from your digital camera, a CD/DVD or USB Stick
  • Digital photos from a website (such as Flickr)
  • Regular printed photographs (scanned to digital images)
  • Slides or negatives (scanned to digital images)


At the moment our software doesn't currently link directly to iphoto, though for a temporary solution you can copy any iphoto folder onto your computer's hard drive and you will then be able to access these from our software.

We hope to have a new software version released very soon with this functionality so stay tuned for any software release updates.