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Do you edit or proof our files?

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No. We do not check the uploaded or printed files for typographical errors, design faults, alignment issues or any other design error.  We only check for Momento generated print or manufacturing issues. All the proofing of the file is done by you prior to submitting your file for print by carefully checking your Preview PDF which is your proofing tool. Please note that the online flipbook preview is NOT a proofing document and that once you pay for order your files go straight into print so are unable to be cancelled.


As computer monitors vary from screen to screen we are unable to guarantee that the colours and densities you see on screen will be exactly the same in print. We can guarantee however that your pages are printed true to the colour in the file and that our award winning printer is regularly calibrated and monitored to ensure the highest quality digital prints.  We do recommend using a Colour Calibrated monitor to achieve the best results. Please feel free to contact our customer service team if you would like any further information on this.