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How do I send/upload my MASTER/mbf file to Momento ready for ordering?

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There are a few ways you can send us your Master file :

1. Uploading via the software :
Open your book file in the software > Click on the "uploader" panel on the top RHS > Select your master file if not already selected > enter in your login details and click on "start upload"
2. Uploading via the website :
Login to Momento > click on upload  > browse and select your master file (should be approx 500kb to 1mb per page with a successful export) and then click on "start upload".
3. Sending us your file via You Send It   ( )
If the first two options do not work you can send your file to us via our YSI link and we will upload this for you.  This is not an instant process as we will manually have to upload this for you during our office hours. You will receive an upload confirmation email  when this is uploaded to let you know this is ready to login and order.

4. Send via CD / DVD

As an alternative you can save your MBF file to a CD/DVD and send this to us at the below address.  You will receive an upload confirmation email when this is completed and ready for you to login and order. 

PO Box 140   
Strawberry Hills, NSW, 2012

NOTE: you do have to be registered with our service before you can upload your file for ordering.

Watch this handy how to video which shows you step by step how to upload through the software and then place an order on the website