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  • Where do Momento make their products?
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  • What is Momento?
  • When do I choose the cover material for my photo book?
  • What if I need help?
  • Where are Momento products made?
  • I live overseas. Do you ship to international addresses?
  • How do I update my personal details (address/email/phone number etc) ?
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  • What type of paper are Momento photo greeting cards printed on?
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Welcome to Momento



Founded in 2004, Momento was the first personalised photo book company in Australia and we're proud to be 100% Australian owned and made.

We developed our own photo book layout software to make it easy for anyone to preserve their memories in locally made photo books and photo stationery.

Quality is at the heart of our business. It is evident in our six colour image reproduction and the superior quality of our papers and raw materials. It's visible in the stitch-binding and hand-crafting of our books. It's also the driving force behind our extensive quality checks and friendly local customer servicing. It's why we offer a generous quality guarantee too.

Our mix of state-of-the-art print technology with centuries-old bookbinding techniques ensures that your photo books look and feel extraordinary, and they will withstand the test of time.

The quality of our books has also been acknowledged by many local and interational print awards

We also care about our planet. We work hard to minimise our impact on the environment when choosing our supplies and creating our processes, and we recycle wherever possible.

 Momento is dedicated to supplying exceptional products for all photography lovers and enthusiasts, while our sister company Momento Pro services professional photographers, photography students and camera club members.

We invite you to take a wander through our production facility via the videos below, so you can meet the humans who are committed to producing your orders to world class standards, and you can see how the magic happens.


This is how the magic happens

Tour our production facility

See the team in action


Our story
Momento Number 1 print award in the world
#1 print award in the world

In 2018 Momento won the top award at the most prestigious print competition on the global scene,  the Premier Print Awards hosted by the Printing Industries of America. We topped 2,238 entries from 13 countries.

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20 years bookbinding experience
Marty: 20 years bookbinding

Marty is our chief book binder and he's been  honing his craft for over two decades, with about half a million books having passed through his hands. He still treats every book like it's the most important on the planet.

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Team of the decade
Team of the decade

We're proud to say that ten members of our team have been with us for ten years! Not only does that mean we have a wealth of skills and expertise inhouse, but we have a happy crew that channel that feeling into your books.

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In the beginning

The plan for Momento was hatched in a campervan on the edge of Vermilion Lakes, Banff in 2002. Two of our founders loved travel, and their Sony digital camera so much, they felt it was time for a new photo print product.

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The women of our world
The women of our world

In honour of International Women's Day, meet the fabulous females who contribute to the smooth sailing of our service, software, products and operations.

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If photos are all you have
If photos are all you have

We're lucky to have had many professional photographers work for us, including our  Service Manager, Nadia Stone. Her desire to document client's families and her own began when she experienced the loss of loved ones.

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Our founders
Geoff Hunt

Managing Director

With a passion for invention, this award-winning audio engineer and digital media developer wanted to complement advances in digital camera technology with new photo presentation formats – so he created Momento. He's also responsible for our process and equipments workflows, researching and realising our new products.

James Whitwell

Chief Technology Officer

A self-confessed geek, cycling addict and Mac lover, James cut his teeth on big technology at Yahoo Australia before bringing Momento’s software to life. James is the driving force behind Momento’s technical and systems development. He and his team build all the smarts in the software that make designing easy and efficient.

Libby Jeffery

Marketing Manager

Having worked in digital media production and  e-publishing, Libby assisted Geoff with the creation of the first photobook prototype and Momento was born. Her days are now spent creating content and communications that will inspire and educate customers on how to design their best photo book, as well as connecting with the photographic community.