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Living History


We have just embarked on the last week of Family History month and across Australia and online there have been events and competitions helping us dig a little bit deeper into our origins. In an attempt to record my own family history I have been researching and blogging about 'history' themed photo book designs. However, this week I started dreaming about my next project (as we all do, right?), and about how the contemporary content of the photo books I make today is in fact a documentation of 'Living History'.

The concept of writing and recording our own living history through our holidays, baby, wedding, anniversary and cooking books motivated me to look into others' 'Living History' books. Here are some of my favourites ...


Nonna's Little Book of Gnocchi
by Jade Cresswell

This recipe photo book is a step by step guide to making Nonna's Gnocchi, using photographs and text. Jade has immortalised her grandmother, family, and the gnocchi making process, by taking step-by-step photos of her grandmother. It is a wonderful Momento photo book that uses beautiful typographical elements and embellishments to tell it's story. This record of the family gnocchi recipe can now be passed on to future generations, keeping their memories eternally safe.


Cooper Creek and Corner Country Tour
by Jeanette Muxlow

Jeanette has documented both her wonderful trip around Australia and also some Australian history, both living and dead within her book.  During the trip she visited may historic places such as Lightening Ridge, where history is indeed alive and well, if not the starring tourist attraction. By photographing both personal and communal experiences of her holiday and combining them within her book she has designed a story that features past and living history that will no doubt be shown to the rest of her family!


Little Birds Get Angry!
by Kyle and Kim Lechner

A completely unique Living History photo book that safe keeps a story created by a young boy who still has a lot of history to make.  Kyle's mum Kim scanned the illustrations and scribed the story for her son, historically creating a wonderful record of his narrative and childhood. I look forward to the day when Kyle sits down and reads this example of Living History to his own children.


Our Blank Canvas - Part One
by Catherine Jones

Within this narrative, Catherine's house is built from the ground up, and with it her new life. Building a house is a significant event in a person's life and this Momento photo book is a great way of recording all the ups and downs of the house building process. Catherine can now sit and read her photo book, re-living the history of this house building adventure.


It's an exciting prospect that the books I make will one day be enjoyed by future generations of my family. I really love the thought that as I am creating my Momento photo books in the easy to use software, I am capturing life as I know it,  and then sharing it with the people that I love.


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