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Say “I do” to DIY Wedding design

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and Spring has sprung, which can only mean one thing … ‘Tis the wedding season again! Happy couples around Australia are currently planning creative and unique weddings, many personalising everything down to the last detail. Sound familiar?


Wedding photo books and stationery

With so much effort and detail going into planning your special day, why not take control and have fun designing your own range of personalised wedding stationery and photo books?  Momento can provide you with a stylish range of perfectly coordinated printed products, designed by you on our easy-to-use software and printed with love by us, saving you time and money.These days many weddings are styled, simply by colour or more extravagantly with a theme. No matter what you choose, the first glimpse of your wedding is your Save The Date card and wedding invitation. With our range of contemporary and classic backgrounds, elegant font options and designer embellishments, you can create a personalised introduction to your wedding.


Wedding Stationery
Engagement & wedding greeting cards

Our Greeting Cards are also great for engagement party invites, RSVPs and Thank You notes. You can choose from 9 different sizes and orientations, available in packs of 1 to 200. Small cards make great place tags while Jumbos have lots of space for messages and event details. Choose Our creamy textured Art paper to add a romantic touch or the Matte paper is stylish, versatile and perfect for modern weddings.


Wedding Guest Book
Guest books

Many couples are now creating personalised Guest Books for the wedding reception, filled with their favourite couple photos. This gives them a chance to show far-away family and friends what their life is like together and allows guests to leave a special message for the bride and groom to cherish in the coming years.


Wedding Photo Books
Wedding photo books

Your wedding photos are something to be cherished forever and through Momento you can direct every detail of your wedding album to match your stationery, including the photos, layout, paper and cover. For the ultimate presentation for your wedding photo book, add all the bells and whistles like Kodak Digital paper, pearl end pages, a frosted fly page, a leather cover complete with emboss text.


Wedding Presentation Boxes
Wedding presentation boxes

When your wedding photo book isn’t sitting proud on your coffee table, preserve it in a matching presentation box to ensure lifetime enjoyment.


Wedding Parent Albums
Parent albums

And for your loving parents and bridal party who’ve supported you throughout your wedding, why not thank them with a smaller, personalised version of your wedding album that they can cherish forever.


Say “I do” to designing your own wedding stationery. Designed by you. Handcrafted with love by us.


Photo Credits: Blaise Bell Photography, Ben Adams