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  • When do I choose the cover material for my photo book?
  • What if I need help?
  • Where are Momento products made?
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How to navigate the software

Momento's software allows you to create your perfect photo book. Knowing your way around the tools and features before you jump into the design process will give you a headstart. Below we outline the different ways to access the tools and view your project. We also have a How to use Layout View page with details on how to use the tools.



The main interface


A - Drop down menus

Like many applications the menu at the top left of the screen gives you access to all the tools and settings in the software, via drop down lists.

Drop down menus in Momento software




B - Design views

There are five different screens that step through the design process and offer different views on a project:

  • Start: Select the product you want to make, its size and shape (more)
  • Sort: A list view to sequence or size photos, add or delete pages (more)
  • Layout: The canvas where you add or edit photos, pages, graphics and text (more)
  • Preview: A non-editable full screen view for reviewing design as double pages
  • Export: To check for file issues and export files for proofing and ordering (more)
Design views in Momento's software




C - Content panels

The left panel is where you access all the content to drag-and-drop into your project. This includes:


Panel sub menus

Content panel sub menus in Layout View of Momento software

Some of the panels on the left and right side of the software have an additional submenu that provides extra functionality just for that panel.

Hide panels

Hide panels function in Layout View of Momento's software

If you want more screen space you can hide the left or right panels, or both, by clicking the small arrows in the top bar next to the panel tabs. This is handy when editing landscape shaped books.

Content panels in Momento's software



D - Page tools sub menu

From this menu you can access Cover vew and use the arrow buttons to step through the pages of your book. Click the page icons to set the Canvas to single or double page view, or add, delete and move pages. (more)

Page tools in Momento's software




E - Text tools

Add text or set the font, size or colour throughout the whole book. (more)

Text tools in Momento's software






F - Canvas

The large area in the centre of the screen is where most of the magic happens as you layout a book or edit an automated design. The Canvas is visible in Layout view and Cover view. (more)


Single or double page view

Single or double page view in Momento's software

By default the software shows the left and right page together, so you can see the flow of content across the page spread. You can also choose to view one page at a time by clicking the paper icon in the Page Tools menu. This makes the Canvas fill more of the screen so you can see more detail in your design.

Fullscreen view

Full screen Layout View in Momento's software

If you work on a small screen you may choose to edit in Layout View without the tools visible. Press the Tab key and the software will fill the entire screen. To return to the normal view, press the Esc key or Tab again.


Gutter in Layout View of Momento software

The grey shaded area in the middle of the Canvas indicates the book's gutter, where the left and right pages are sewn together. Don’t place important content in this area.

Safe area

Safe Area in Layout View of Momento software

The dotted line near the edge of each page indicates the safe area. When adding content, keep it within this line, or extend it all the way off the page until the Edge Warning disappears, as content outside the safe area may be trimmed off during binding. Also avoid placing any vital parts of photos or text in across the gutter where the book is bound. (more)

Canvas or work area in Momento's software




G - Pages panel

This panel shows a thumbnail view of all the pages in your project and allows you to access any page by scrolling horizontally, then clicking on the desired page.

Cover and page thumbnails in Momento's software




H - Cover view

Cover View is where you design the front and back cover, the dust-jacket flaps, and set the spine text. It is only accessible from Layout View via four different methods:

  • Click Cover thumbnail in Pages panel
  • Click Cover button at the top of the canvas
  • Go to Page Menu and select Go To Cover
  • Use the Ctrl+Home keyboard shortcut


Cover view in Momento's software




I - Tools and service panel

The right panel is packed with goodies including access to the:

  • Tools panel: including tools to adjust and arrange photos
  • Updater panel: where you can download embellishment packages
  • Uploader panel: where you can upload a finished project file before ordering
  • Inspiration panel: presenting links to online samples, resources and discounts
  • Quick Help panel: A handy summary of all the buttons and tools in each view as well as Keyboard shortcuts

Tools panel

This panel is home to all the 'one-click' photo and page editing tools that can adjust an item's:

  • Appearance
  • Colour
  • Position
  • Size
  • Layer

Tools Panel in the Momento software

To apply a Tool effect

Difference ways to access tools in Momento's software

There are four ways to apply the tool's features:

  • Select item then click a button in Tools Panel
  • Right-click item then select from drop down menu
  • Go to File Menu and select from sub-menus
  • Use the Keyboard Shortcuts

Updater panel

This panel gives you access to the Embellishment packages holding hundreds of decorative graphics, frames and backgrounds, that you can download and install in the software. If there is a new version of the software available, the Updater Panel is where you are able to access and install it.

Updater Panel in the Momento software

Uploader panel

This panel allows you to locate and upload your finished MASTER.mbf Project file to Momento's website, ready to order.

Uploader Panel in Momento software

Inspiration panel

This panel features links to handy tips, how to videos, special offers and inspiring projects to view. It is updated regularly.

Inspiration Panel in Momento software

Quick Help panel

As the name suggests, this panel presents a short description of all the major functions, screens, tools and settings in the Momento software. You'll also find a list of  keyboard shortcuts, that allow you to access everything in the software with a few taps on the keyboard rather than scrolling through menus or clicking on icons. This can make the design process much faster. Visit Software Help for a full list of shortcuts.

Tools & service panel in Momento software




Photo Credits: Katherine Williams