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Show him the love with




Father's Day gifts

Dads can be hard to buy for but you'll always hit the jackpot with a personalised Father’s Day book and greeting card filled with photos that mean alot to him. We produce the best personalised Father’s day gifts in Australia so get inspired by these ideas and examples.


Personalised photo books for dad

Personalised photo books for dad

Our range of sizes, covers, papers and options means you can produce a photo book, every bit as unique as your dad. If he's a happy snapper or enthusiast photographer, show off his creativity in a premium portfolio. If he's the ultimate family guy, get everyone involved to create a book that lists all the reasons why you love him. You'll enjoy handing the gift over as much as he'll relish looking at it.



Father's Day photo book presentation box with family photograph
Presentation gift box

Increase the delight by presenting the best-Father's-Day-gift-ever in a handsome personalised clamshell box or a classic black gift box. Emblazon his photo on a clamshell box with a printed cover, or for a special touch choose a Deluxe leather or Linen cover. Your present will not only look great, it will be kept safe for dad to pass onto the next generation.


Personalised father�s day cards

Personalised Father’s day cards

A custom Father's Day photo card made by you will outshine any generic card you can buy in a store. Drop a photo of him with his favourite people, or doing what he does best, onto the front of the card, then add a message that only you could write on the inside. So little effort is needed to create something so priceless, as it only takes five minutes to make with Momento's free software.


More inspiration
Photobook voucher

Give your dad a gift that keeps on giving with a voucher that allows him to showcase his photos in a professional looking coffee table book.
Buy a Gift voucher

Create dad’s memoirs

Curating your father’s photos and life story into a memory book is a priceless gift that will provide him with endless enjoyment.

View dad's history book

Superstar father

Many believe that mums are the family memory keepers but we know plenty of gents who are chief photographer and photo book maker in the house.
See Mark's family photo books


The gift that keeps on giving

See how good it feels to give and receive a photo book gift! We guarantee that it's one his bound to remember.

Your guide to all things photo books

Superstar father & photo book maker


This week we’re undoing the stereotype that mums are the family memory keepers by introducing you to Mark from Queensland. During COVID isolation he made 12 photo books for his family, and he has three more on the go!


Milestone moments

Late last year his family made a big move from one side of the country to the other. To help his girls with the transition he printed their milestone moments in a series of photo books so they could still see all the friends they were leaving behind.


Fathers day annual photo book

He kept the process simple by creating a book for each year, and keeping the design consistent throughout all the books.


Each printed cover featured a full page image, and he added the date to every spine so they could be easily identified on the bookshelf. We think the book series looks very slick.


Fathers day photo book

Mark also made sure that everyone starred in the books, including himself. He included photos that captured the ‘big’ and ‘small’ moments in their life so he was telling the whole story, not just the highlights.


Fathers day photo book

Even the way he presented the books to his girls was impressive. He didn’t show them the designs onscreen, he waited until the books arrived, and ensured that everyone was at home before for the big reveal so they could enjoy the moment together.


Fathers day photo book gift

If you're inspired to create a book of your own, get started here.



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Customer love
"Creating the photobooks felt like I was living the moment all over again – I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. They’ve come up a treat and the girls love them!"  
- Mark Hunt
"The book is of very high quality indeed and the reproduction of all photographs is exceptional. The book gives me a feeling of watching a story unfold."
- Robert Marshall


All Momento photo books are handcrafted with TLCGet Started

Photo Credits: Angela Louise Photography, Eugene Tan, Nadia Stone Photography, Julia Wheeler Photography, Anne McPhee, Mark and Elka Hunt