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The Perfect Photobook

1. Design Philosophy

The best place to start looking at photobook designs is in books, magazines and other photobooks. There are many different approaches and styles, from clean and simple, to ornate and flowery. You can see a range of styles in the Momento Gallery.

Take a second look at some of the designs you like. Analyse them more closely. How big are the photos? How many per page? Are there a lot of words? What size is the text? What style? How would you describe the layout?

Is it simple with just the important elements, or busy with lots of different things going on? And what is the cover like? Does it have a dust jacket, or is it a printed cover? Is the paper stock glossy or matte, and is it light or heavy?

When it comes to a photobook, most people prefer a simple design with high quality materials so they can concentrate on the photography.

How big should your photos be?
Edge to edge can look great

So can lots of creative white space; the choice is yours