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The Perfect Photobook

5. Design Elements

It can be tempting to add in lots of bells and whistles when designing your photobook. For instance, you can add photos or patterns to the background of each page; give your photographs fancy borders and edge effects; and add in embellishments such as graphics and decorations.

Sometimes these can look really great, but refer back to your original design philosophy. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should! 

Design elements should be kept simple and the same elements can be repeated throughout the photobook to give it a sense of continuity. For instance, if you decided on a thin black border around your photos, you would include it on all the photos rather than just some of them.

Design elements can also include overlapping your photos and while this can be an effective technique for an album or a scrapbook, if the aim of the exercise is to present your photographs in the best possible light, a different page design is often preferable to overlapping.

Simple design elements can add a dimension to your layouts

Too much embellishment can distract from your photos