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The Perfect Photobook

8. Cover

Some designers start with the book cover and then follow through with the inside pages; others like to get a feeling for the content of the book before thinking about the cover. Both approaches work very well, but there is no doubting the importance of the cover.

So which photo do you put on the cover? The best photo, or a photo that best represents the contents of the book? Do you put a mosaic of photos on the cover, or no photo at all? 

Once you’ve decided on the photo, how big will it be? Full bleed (edge to edge), or small? Where will you place the book’s title, and how big will the text be?

The design should compliment the rest of the book and Momento has lots of options to choose from when it comes to cover materials, textures and options. Be prepared to spend a little extra time on the cover design because it is really very important. People do judge a book by its cover.

As with your page designs, there is no right or wrong.
Design your cover to match the content of your pages and
set the tone for the story you wish to tell your viewers