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Our Environmental Commitment

Momento is committed to environmentally sustainable processes, products and packaging. We continually refine our business to be kinder to the environment and are proud that we:

  • Are a certified Carbon Neutral business with the Carbon Reduction Institute
  • Use environmentally-friendly raw materials and office supplies
  • Use almost no plastic in our packaging
  • Re-use paper from our production processes throughout the office
  • Recycle paper, board, glass, plastic, metal, hardware where possible
  • Use energy-efficient lighting and turn power off where possible

We are a Carbon Neutral business

While there is no carbon tax or mandatory emissions trading scheme in place, Momento is committed to environmentally sustainable business practices and being a carbon neutral business.  We continue to buy voluntary carbon offsets to eliminate our carbon footprint.

What does this mean?

Carbon Reduction Institute logoThe carbon pollution created by our head office and production facility in Sydney has been audited by an authorised body, the Carbon Reduction Institute, and we voluntarily pay to offset this pollution by purchasing carbon credits.

Carbon credits come from supporting a range of projects that reduce carbon emissions such as: energy efficiency and renewable energy programs; methane destruction and avoidance programs; and projects focused on reducing greenhouse gases in manufacturing.

Momento Pro has already purchased carbon credits to cover our estimated annual carbon output but you can also support the environment by buying credits equivalent to the carbon created in the manufacture of your Momento Pro order. The carbon offsets for an average photobook is less than 50 cents.

We calculate the carbon offset charge for your order by comparing the percentage value of the order to total revenue and then multiply it by the total carbon offset fees. This is an optional charge and if you would like to contribute, simply check the box in the Momento Pro order form and a carbon offset charge will be added to your Cart.

We will continue to pay for our company’s carbon pollution regardless of your decision but we greatly appreciate your contribution should you choose to do so.

Should you like more information on carbon offsets or credits please visit the CRI website at