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Quick Help


The Quick Help Panel contains a quick reference guide to the common options on the main parts of the screen .

Keyboard Shortcuts

All the major functions, screens, tools and settings in the Momento software can also be accessed by keyboard shortcuts. This allows you to access everything in the software with a few taps on the keyboard rather than scrolling through menus or clicking on icons. This can make the design process much faster by allowing you to quickly use your favourite tool or jump to a new screen or panel in one second. Below is a full list of shortcuts.

Note: It is important that you hold the Ctrl or Alt key down first, before tapping the second key.

Main Views

Sort F2
Layout F3
Preview F4
Finish F5


Photos Ctrl+F1
Backgrounds Ctrl+F2
Frames Ctrl+F3
Templates Ctrl+F4
ACE Layouts Ctrl+F5
Embellishments Ctrl+F6
Tools Ctrl+F7
Updater Ctrl+F8
Uploader Ctrl+F9
Quick Help Ctrl+F11


Go to first page Home
Go to next page Page up
Go to previous page Page down
Go to last page End
Go to cover Ctrl+Home


New page at end Ins
Insert new page Ctrl+Ins
Move page Ctrl+Shift+Ins
Delete Page Ctrl+Del


Rotate 90° left Ctrl+[
Rotate 90° right Ctrl+]
Rotate 1° left Ctrl+Shift+[
Rotate 1° left Ctrl+Shift+]


Add text Ctrl+P
Apply last frame Ctrl+J
Mirror layout Ctrl+M
Tidy page Ctrl+T


Bring forward Ctrl+.
Bring to front Ctrl+Shift+.
Send backward Ctrl+,
Send to back Ctrl+Shift+,

Align photos

Horizontal centre Ctrl+Num0
Vertical centre Ctrl+Num.
Left Ctrl+Num4
Right Ctrl+Num6
Top Ctrl+Num8
Bottom Ctrl+Num2

Align to Page

Centre Alt+Num5
Horizontal centre Alt+Num0
Vertical centre Alt+Num.
Left Alt+Num4
Top left Alt+Num7
Top Alt+Num8
Top right Alt+Num9
Right Alt+Num6
Bottom right Alt+Num3
Bottom Alt+Num2
Bottom left Alt+Num1


Largest Ctrl+Alt+Num+
Narrowest Ctrl+Alt+Num4
Shortest Ctrl+Alt+Num2
Smallest Ctrl+Alt+Num-
Tallest Ctrl+Alt+Num8
Widest Ctrl+Alt+Num6


New document Ctrl+N
Open Ctrl+O
Save Ctrl+S
Save as Ctrl+Shift+S
Exit Alt+F4


Undo Ctrl+Z
Redo Ctrl+Y
Cut Ctrl+X
Copy Ctrl+C
Paste Ctrl+V
Delete Del
Delete with placeholder Alt+Del
Replace Mode Ctrl+R
Select all Ctrl+A
Deselect all Ctrl+D


Full Software Help F1