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Uncensored! Travel and Landscape Photobooks

Meet the winner and finalists for the Travel and Landscape category of the Australian Photobook of the Year Awards 2013.


Travel category winner

Sicilia by Robert Cameriere

Book Description: This project was born in Melbourne Australia in June 2006 after meeting the young Sicilian filmmaker Luca Vullo. Despite being raised at opposite ends of the world, we quickly discovered how instantly our roots and heritage connected us. We talked of our love of Sicily, and discussed the ideas of how we could visually communicate our take on the real Sicily. We wanted to capture a behind the scenes look of modern Sicily, minus the stereotypes that tarnish and blanket her real beauty. Elements of these old stereotypes remain true, but modern day Sicily is a place where its people strive to reinvent it and their future, while maintaining its rich history and culture.

In this body of work you will find a little about who I am and where I come from. My intention was to capture the essence of Sicily.

It has been a journey in which I saw the real Sicily first hand with my own eyes, without the 'where to guide'. It has been an emotional voyage of self-discovery that has reinforced my love and connection too this very special place. I hope the images of its people, the characters, the landscape and the passion and raw emotions displayed in this book will somehow give a refreshing insight into Sicily of the past, today, and the possibilities of its new tomorrow.

Judges Comments: Good traditional travel photography ... Poor cover but the page design highlights the content well.


Photographer: Robert Cameriere
Title: Sicilia
Retouching: Robert Cameriere
Design: Glace Graphic Design



Travel category finalist

52 Suburbs by Louise Hawson

Book Description: When Louise Hawson realised she was a stranger in her own city, she set herself a mission " to explore and photograph one new Sydney suburb a week for a year. Originally presented as a weekly blog that developed a strong following among Sydneysiders as well as fans from across the world, 52 Suburbs reveals the Sydney beyond the postcard clichés of harbour and beaches places most tourists would never think to explore.

Inspirational, adventurous and eye-opening, 52 Suburbs captures the beauty of the 'burbs "often contrasting the faded beauty of the built environment with the vibrancy of multicultural communities " in a refreshingly unconventional way.

Judges comments: The best entrant in this category ... Refreshing subject choice shot with bold attitude ... Energetic layout and design, poor choice of font ... The design is rather busy, but suits the subject matter

Photographer Biography: Louise Hawson has been involved in a variety of creative roles and different forms of written and visual communication for more than 20 years. In 2009-10 she surrendered to her favourite creative tool, the camera, and spent a year photographing a different suburb in her home town of Sydney each week; her blog, 52 Suburbs, gained a popular following and was published as a book in May 2011 as well as an exhibition at the Museum of Sydney from May-October 2011. She has just finished her second project, 52 Suburbs Around the World, and is currently working on her next exhibition at the Museum of Sydney (July-November 2013) as well as a book about the project.



Photographer: Louise Hawson
Title: 52 Suburbs
Design: Di Quick
Published by: UNSW Press Ltd




Travel category finalist

Black Ribbon and the Colour of Prayer by Peter Eastway

Book Description: A collection of 108 images taken in Bhutan in late 2012. The number 108 has religious significance in Buddhist Bhutan. The images are in approximate chronological order and the book is designed as a visual diary of the journey.

Judges comments: Interesting photography ... A little overworked in shadows and cropping ...Skilful balance of colour and composition ... Beautiful delicate layout, narrative disappointing and uninventive.

Photographer Biography: Peter Eastway is an Australian photographer who is best known internationally for his landscape work. A practicing professional photographer, in addition to his landscape work he shoots and works selectively in advertising and family portraiture. Peter has also been involved in photographic magazine publishing for over 30 years, establishing his own title, Australia's Better Photography Magazine, in 1995. It is now one of Australia’s leading photography magazines. As a result, Peter and his websites are a wealth of information on how to capture, edit and print the best photographs, offering endless tutorials, videos and inspiration for amateur and professional photographers. Peter Eastway is a Grand Master of Photography, a Fellow and an Honorary Fellow of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography, and an Honorary Fellow of the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography. He won the 1996 and 1998 AIPP Australian Professional Photographer of the Year Award.



Photographer: Peter Eastway
Title: Black Ribbon and the Colour of Prayer
Printed at: Momento Pro





Travel category finalist

Transcending Words by Everlook Photography

Book Description: A inspirational book filled with images from our travels around the world, complimented by quotes from famous figures. The final product is intended as a large coffee-table-styled book.

Judges comments: Very good landscape photography but the over-designed pages interrupt the purity of the landscapes.

Photographer Biography: We are amateur photographers based in Adelaide. Our love of photography stems from our desire to record the natural beauty of places we have visited and to present them with our own vision. We have been blessed with life circumstances that allow us to travel and with a child who already loves to follow in our footsteps. It is our hope that each image allows the viewer to not only see the scene but experience some of the emotions we felt during our all too brief presence at wonderful places near and far.


Photographer: Transcending Words
Title: Transcending Words
Retouching: Everlook Photography
Design: Marianne Lim
Printed at: Momento Pro






Travel category finalist

OMAN - Under The Arabian Sun by Sarah Jenkins
Book Description: The Sultanate of Oman is a country in The Arabian Gulf yet to fully embrace the modern world like its neighbour Dubai. During my few days in this mystical land, I experienced a taste of traditional Arabia, past and present around Muscat, Sharqiya and Al Dakhiliyah regions of the country. A land where white-robed Omani men - young and old - saunter under cobalt blue skies; where old-world culture and desert villages that have existed for hundreds of years shimmer under the intense heat of the Arabian sun.

Judges Comments: Peaceful, serene street photography supported by a cleansing layout and design.

Photographer Biography: Sarah is a Sydney based freelance photographer, graphic designer and photography training instructor. She has more than 20 years experience in both the photography and graphic design fields, working for well-respected design agencies in London and Sydney.

In more recent years she has focused on her love of photography, especially people and cultures around the world, shooting photographic assignments on a freelance basis. Her passion for travel fits in perfectly with her enthusiasm for photography and design. Sarah is also the director of SignatureBook which provides high-end, custom designed printed coffee table photo books for corporate and wedding clients, as well as professional photographers.

For the past 5 years, under her business SignaturePhoto Photography Courses, Sarah has been teaching both adults and children the skills of photography and creative capture which she finds very rewarding.



Photographer: Sarah Jenkins
Title: OMAN - Under The Arabian Sun
Printed at: Momento Pro


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