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Relive the adventure

Holiday and travel photo books

Get Started

Holiday photo book

Photo books are the perfect way to escape the everyday, and to remember the sights, stories and sensations of a past holiday. All you need to do is design your book with our easy software, and we promise to print you the best quality photo books in Australia.


Holiday photo book

Holiday memory book

An international adventure, a tropical honeymoon, a country road trip, a camping weekend or a quick getaway all generate photos worthy of printing in a travel album. Save them in a photo book and you'll be able to travel vicariously with every read. Adding dates and place names will ensure you can enjoy the memories for decades after you return. Get carried away to the Greek Islands as you watch this honeymoon travel album.


Travel coffee table book

Travel coffee table book

Whether you’ve explored Australia or beyond, there’s nothing more satisfying than reliving the experience in a book you’ve designed yourself. This was one of the reasons our founders started Momento. They loved travel, photography and printed photos. Read their personal tips on how to design your pages and choose finishes that enhance your book.

Holiday photo book

Design inspiration

If you need some inspiration, look no further than this stunning layout by Robin Moon. It's no surprise Antarctica: Journey to the sublime won the 2023 Australian Photographic Society Photo Book Award travel category. The photos are exceptional, and the pace is languid, resulting in a dreamlike exploration of this unusual landscape.

Learn more and look inside

Holiday photo stationery

Holiday photo cards or holiday stationery

If you want to daydream every day, star your photographs from weekends away or exotic destinations in a wall or desk calendar, or the pages of a custom diary, or in a series of personalised photo cards. They take only a few minutes to create but they’ll provide endless enjoyment, and they’re a great gift for family, friends and travel companions.


More inspiration
Holiday lay-flat photo book
Cure wanderlust

Learn how to capture great family holiday snaps and ways to keep travel photos safely stored, from a professional photographer with kids.

Explore the blog post

Your guide to all things photo books

How to create a travel book

Peter Eastway is one of Australia’s most awarded travel photographers, and editor of Better Photography magazine. He’s got thousands of hours of photography under his belt, and has produced over 10 photo books, so we asked him to give us his top tips on how to design a first class travel book.


Travel photo book
Plan in advance

It’s a good idea to think about creating a photo book before you go on a trip or a holiday because you can create a simple plan of what needs to be included. Of course, if you have already been on your trip or holiday, these suggestions may help as you edit your photos.


Photo book layout
Set the scene with iconic photographs

A holiday photo book should engage, amuse and educate your audience. Help people understand what your book is about by taking photographs that establish the scene, and include them on the cover and in the first few pages of your book - like the first few scenes of a movie.

In Bhutan, you’re surrounded by the Himalayan mountains and Buddhist dzongs on mountainsides and in valleys.

Holiday book cover
Context on the cover

For maximum impact, use your strongest image on the cover and make it bleed to the edge, using the Fill Page or Set As Background tools. Adding a title is helpful too but make sure you use a contrasting colour so it can be easily seen against the photo.


Capture the essence of the place

What is the essence of your destination? Some countries are renowned for their religion, some for the natural beauty, others for their sport. What appeals to you? Don’t just photograph the people, capture all the elements that tell the story of where you’ve been. 

Think about the people who are going to look at your photo book. What do you want to tell them? Do you want to show them the meals you ate, the eating utensils, the funny place mats? 



Being a Buddhist country, Bhutan is filled with lots of red-robed monks, and they live and work in different types of buildings, like monasteries and dzongs. Don’t just shoot the outside from the front, walk around looking for different angles, then walk inside. Monks are also surrounded by specific objects like prayer flags and scrolls.

Selecting a number of different themes like food, buildings, art, animals and sport, you have a number of different subjects to concentrate on and keep your book interesting. Peter created a custom frame in Photoshop for his Bhutan book.

Holiday photo book layout
Heroes & punctuation shots

You can turn your photos into a visual story by using Momento’s pre-designed page layout templates, available in the Content Panel. Choose a layout with your hero photo up large and three or four smaller photos to complement it.

You could use small photos of the same subject from different angles or at different times of the day, or simply five consecutive photos of a person or action to make an amusing ‘film strip’ story.


Details and overviews

What are the spectators wearing? What are their expressions like? Photograph their shoes, hair styles, hands and jewellery. Or in the case of  a building - the windows, door knobs and ceilings.


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Customer love
"I'm blown away. Momento delivered massively! From the packaging to the incredible quality, I fell in love with my book immediately. I would recommend them 100%." - Lauren Bath
"We all thought the book looks superb, and it’s the best way to remember our fabulous holiday. Be assured there’ll be more to come!" - Fiji50


All Momento photo books are handcrafted with TLC Get Started

Photo Credits: Aishe Besim, The Beautiful Collective, Katherine Williams, Heartstory, Lauren Bath