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Celebrate with personalised

Birthday Cards, Invitations, Photo Books & Gifts



Create customised birthday cards

A customised birthday card and a photo book all about the birthday boy or girl is the ultimate birthday present because it makes them feel like a superstar. For inspiration, explore our ideas and examples below, and we promise to produce the finest prints in Australia for you.

Personalised birthday cards

Personalised birthday cards

Sure you can buy readymade cards with generic messages but designing your own birthday cards and photo invitations will show you really care. Momento’s photo birthday cards take only 5 minutes to create and $5 to buy. Pop a photo of your friend on the front for maximum impact and enjoyment.


Birthday photo books

Birthday photo books

Photo books are perfect for milestone birthdays, whatever age you are, because it’s all about the recipient, and it was made with love just for them. This 30th birthday book includes messages from family, mates and colleagues about their favourite moment with Bodie. What’s not to love! 



Birthday gifts

Birthday gifts

You can also give a photo book after the event or celebration. Fill it with birthday party photos so that all the special moments can be preserved in print and enjoyed for years to come. We reckon this priceless memento might have inspired tears and laughter in equal parts.

More inspiration
Party graphics

Momento’s software is packed with images that are perfect for birthday cards. There’s designs for kids of the 60s, 70s and 80s, Sugar & Spice for princesses and Comic graphics for the lads.

Visit our embellishment gallery

21st birthday book
21st photo books

Mark your child’s coming of age with a 21st birthday photo book crammed with photos from each year of their life, plus their family, friends, pets and achievements,. We promise they’ll enjoy it for decades to come.

Party invitation cards
Party invitation

Design your own invitations using our Quickcard templates or go freestyle. You can buy  greeting cards in packs of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200, and envelopes are always included.

How to make a photo card

Your guide to all things photo books

The birthday book experience


We love it when our customers contact us with stories about their photo book experience, or tell us the response they got when they handed over a photo book gift to the lucky recipient - and this story is one of our favourites.


"Thank you for producing such a high quality birthday book that can be passed from generation to generation, showing just how much each family member was loved."

Karen Grabau


Karen Grabau has been a customer of Momento for over 10 years and she regularly makes birthday books for her family and friends, including a book for her brother-in-law’s 60th birthday. 


Karen got the whole family involved in the creation of Michael’s birthday book. She started by sending an email to all of his children, grandchildren and siblings, inviting them to contribute a few photos and a short story or heartfelt message to include in a surprise birthday book. To keep things on track, she set a deadline by which they had to email her a jpeg and some text.


Birthday book design

Each contributor scoured their photo collection for photos of favourite moments they’d shared with him, or portraits they’d captured, and emailed them through.


This is your life book

Once Karen received all the content she laid out everyone’s photos and text to one or two page, added some celebratory graphics, and titled the book Michael’s Book of Love. In the end it had the look and feel of a This Is Your Life storybook. 


To make the handover of this unique birthday gift even more memorable, they presented it to him at his birthday lunch and they all read it together, page by page apparently. As you can see from the photos, Michael looks pretty damn happy with his photo book, and some of his contributors do too.  CONGRATS to Karen for making such a beautiful moment possible, and for your true labour of love.


Birthday guest book

Before we finish off, we also want to inspire you with the guestbook Karen created for her sister so people could sign their name or leave a message for the birthday boy. She designed a short but sweet 12-page book with a single full-page photo on the left hand side and the Guests Lined Page background graphic on each right hand page.

Grab the graphic by downloading the Notes Embellishment pack via the Updater Panel in Momento’s software.

It was a smart move to design the book in landscape format with the lined pages on the right as it makes it easier for people to write. And our hot tip is to use a ballpoint pen rather than an ink pen to avoid smudges.


"Some people come into our lives, leave footprints on our heart and we are never the same again."


This quote appeared in Michael’s birthday book and it reminds us of how important it is to let your loved ones know how much you care, and how well a photo book does just that. We don’t think there’s a more meaningful birthday present than a personalised photo book, except maybe if you pair it with a personalised birthday card! So go forth and have fun with your design.



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Customer love
"Momento's software makes it so easy to produce magnificent birthday books that can be passed from generation to generation showing the family how loved our family members were."
- Karen Grabau
"Thank you for such flawless work on my nephew's 21st book. The big smile I get from someone when they see themselves on the front of a book is heartwarming!"
 - Maha Dunne


All Momento photo books are handcrafted with TLC Get Started

Photo Credits: Gay Dads of Melbourne, Billeta Wood, Phil Randle, Morgan Culton, Kathleen Jones, Samantha Hutchins, Peepo Photography