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  "I put together a Photo Book for my family for Christmas. What a fantastic result the quality exceeded my expectations. My husband and daughters were moved to tears ….thank you. I chose Momento as I looked at all the Photo Book companies, but with Momento I could speak to the customer service team and get advice and help. They were patient and professional they made it very simple for someone who is technically challenged. I called the team prior to send the book off and we completed it together. It made such a difference to me having someone to check with. The software was easy to use and the result was a professional photo book. I have now completed a second book and how easy it was. It is so refreshing using a company that has a focus on delivering a fantastic product but also making it a great experience for the customer."


"I had the option to create my photo book using other companies that would be cheaper, but decided to use Momento as this is a very special book for me and my family. After all the support I received from you all, specially taking into account how nice and friendly you all were, I am 100% sure I made the right decision in selecting Momento.  I just wanted to make sure you all knew how much your help has made this whole shopping experience so much more pleasant. I have no doubts I will use you guys again, for all the new memories I make in my life."




We just received our four copies of The Mahabharata and they are absolutely beautiful. Here at John Curtin College of the Arts we maintain a high standard of production in everything we do and this scripted edition of one of our productions will now become a high quality reference for our drama students. And there really is no comparison between seeing a bunch of digital images on a screen and the luxurious feeling of holding the hard bound edition in the hands. Truly superb.

John Curtin, College of the Arts, WA


Thank you again for your great work. Our wedding album arrived
in its gift box today and I just had to thank you all. The book is again great quality and now that I have had heaps of practice at preparing books, this one has turned out well. The quality of your printing, your workmanship and your customer service is fantastic and I continue to recommend you to all of my friends. I only ordered the book last week and to have it here so quickly AND before Christmas so our mums can check it out on Christmas day is just fantastic. I can't thank you all enough.




"The way you people conduct your business is absolutely beyond reproach. If I have had a problem at any time it has been rectified immediately and with such efficiency that I think you must be an example to any other business because of your excellent customer relations which complement your extremely good product.  I will, without hesitation recommend your Company to everyone I know who wishes to preserve their memories in this way."



I received the photo book yesterday and am delighted with the professional quality and presentation of it. Thank you so much for helping me document some very previous family memories for my Mum. I am looking forward to creating another book in the future.




"Received my grand photo book in the mail yesterday and LOVE.IT. I have photo books from other companies and there is just no comparison when it comes to quality. Momento is THE BEST. Wish I'd put more pages in the book now!"



Just had to let you know my very first Momento project has just been delivered! I am so glad I trusted Momento with what is probably the most important photobook of my life - my wedding (as I have already completed my family). The software was so easy and fun to use but I was still a little nervous about it. Well all I can say is WOW!!!! I ordered the Grand size and grand it is. It is simply gorgeous. The quality is amazing and it was worth every cent. Can't wait to start my next project - hmmm now where are those honeymoon photos :-)"