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Print your memories in

Family Photo Books, Year Books & CalendarS


Family Photo Books

Every day your family is creating new memories that are worthy of cherishing. Photo books allow you to preserve the big and the small moments so children, grandchildren, and beyond can enjoy their entire life story, and connect with relatives past and present. Explore our examples below for plenty of inspiration and ideas, and we promise you the best photo book prints in Australia.

Yearbooks & annuals

Yearbooks & annuals

The ultimate keepsake for loved ones is a memory book recording milestones, celebrations and highlights from the past year. Our Yearbook Quickbook makes it easy to create a family annual photo book  by simply dropping in your best 15-20 photos for each month. Make your year-in-review book a family tradition, and a beautiful book series, so you can remember your  memories forever.


Pet books

Don’t forget your fur kids! They deserve their own book too. A photo book gives you a chance to do something meaningful with all those photos of your dog looking cute, playing in the park, eating, being clever and every other activity, or maybe it can showcase your cat being aloof, sleeping and possibly sitting in your lap. You know you've got photos of your pets by the dozen on your camera roll!

Notebook sketchbook

Family calendars

This is the easiest and most meaningful photo-gift you could create for siblings and grandparents, or even yourself. Grab the top 12 photos of your tribe from the past year, drop them into our desk or wall calendar templates and in minutes you'll have the perfect personalised family calendar. For so little effort the pay off is great, as the scenes of holidays, birthdays and other special occasions inspire a smile every day.

SEE PHOTO Stationery range


More inspiration
Family annuals made easy
Family annuals made easy

View our blog post below for information and inspiration on how to get your best photos from each year into a photo book to share with the whole family.

Make a family yearbook

Your guide to all things photo books

Family yearbooks made easy




Although you may have shot thousands of photographs over the last 12 months, creating a family photo annual doesn’t have to be a big ordeal if you use our Yearbook Quickbook. It’s a readymade book design with a title page, and pages for each month that you can drop 15-20 of your favourite photos into. Most of the time you’ll spend creating your annual will be spent on reviewing and choosing the photos you want to include.

Here are some tips to keep things simple and speedy:

  • File all your photos from each year in a single folder with a separate folder for each month
  • Set a calendar reminder for the first week of each month to sort and back up photos from the previous month
  • While sorting and backing up, tag or move your favourite 20-30 photos from the last month into a BEST SHOTS folder.


Photo book design

When selecting your photos here are a few pointers to remember:

  • Less is more
  • Choose only the most meaningful and milestone shots
  • Only choose shots that are in focus
  • Don’t double up, every photo should be unique
  • For visual interest, choose photos in both landscape and portrait orientation
  • Select a range of photos that give a well-rounded view of what you’ve all been up to.
  • Don’t just focus on a single day, event or person. 


Photo book design

A good selection of photos for each month could include: a photo of your kids’ first day back at school; a soccer grandfinal moment; a group shot from a BBQ with neighbours; a close up of your grandmother’s birthday cake; your puppy’s first trip to the park; and the sunset you captured on the hottest day of the year. This tells us a bit about everyone.


Photo book design

Now to lay them out in the software:

  • Download the Yearbook Quickbook via the Updater Panel in the Momento software
  • Start a new Photobook then choose the Yearbook icon in Themed Quickbook layout options
  • Choose your preferred shape and size then you’ll arrive at Layout View
  • You’ll find a series of 120 predesigned pages with 10 pages for every month
  • The grey placeholders are ready for you to simply drop your photos into
  • Drag your photos from the Photo Panel on the left into the grey placeholders


Photo book design
Design tips
  • It works best if you drop landscape shaped photos into landscape shaped placeholders
  • Add or delete photos or pages as you please, the Quickbook is just a good starting point
  • Change the font by clicking on the text box and choosing a different font from the list
  • Don’t forget to add a date to the cover, title page and spine text for easy identification!


When you’re done, export your book and make sure you thoroughly check your PROOF.PDF before uploading your MASTER.MBF and placing your order.

If you're a prolific happy snapper and very organised you can also apply the theory above to monthbooks starring the every day and special moments from every week. 

Most importantly, have fun designing your photo book and it many times over with family and friends.


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Customer Love
"The girls just love looking at the Momento books of when they were younger. Thanks for bringing us so much joy."
- Millicent Bainbridge.
"I’m a photobook designer and a few years ago I chose to use Momento exclusively for my client memoir books because the quality and finish is impeccable, as is their service."
- Vanessa Dean.


All Momento photo books are handcrafted with TLC Get Started

Photo Credits: Angie Chia, Emilly Ellis Photography, Heartstory, Lynn Woolley, Katherine Williams, Shelley Reis