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  • Where do Momento make their products?
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  • When do I choose the cover material for my photo book?
  • What if I need help?
  • Where are Momento products made?
  • I live overseas. Do you ship to international addresses?
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Your photos deserve
Australia's best

Photo Books


ONE DAY ONLY Prepaid Photo Book Sale

Australia's best photo books


Capture your memories in a beautiful photo book.

Momento makes it easy to create high-quality photo books that you'll treasure for years to come. We use only the finest materials, and our books are made right here in Australia.


Pre-discount prices start at $59.




Why Momento?

We promise world class HD printing, and we care about photo memories as much as you do. You'll see and feel the difference of our award-winning books, and your memories will enjoy a longer life. And we're 100% Australian.



Why momento?


Something for everyone

Choose from a variety of sizes and styles to find the perfect fit for your photos. We have books to suit all budgets and tastes, from small and simple to large and luxurious.

Photo book printing

Easiest software

Make your book your own with our easy-to-use software.

You can design your own pages, or let the software do it all for you. Add text to your layouts and choose from a variety of frames, backgrounds and embellishments.

Ordering your book is quick and easy.

Simply upload your completed project, choose your options, and click "order." We'll take care of the rest!

Momento makes software that's super easy to design your own photo book

Sizes and shapes

Our range allows you to personalise your photo book to your heart's content. Choose from nine hardcover sizes, perfect for every day projects, or milestone life stories. Regular size is the most popular option, while Grand size offers maximum impact, and Small size is handy for kids' books and brag books to carry around.

Landscape photo books
Grand (A3) Regular (A4) Small (A5)
420 x 297 mm 297 x 210 mm 210 x 148 mm
Square photo books
Grand Regular Small
297 x 297 mm 210 x 210 mm 148 x 148 mm
Portrait photo books
Grand (A3) Regular (A4) Small (A5)
297 x 420 mm 210 x 297 mm 148 x 210 mm
Photo book shapes and sizes


Our 4 high quality photo book papers feel incredible and come with excellent environmental ratings. After our award-winning 6-colour printing, each page is reviewed by our quality assurance team before being sent on for binding. Only the best will do! 

To create the best looking books use our gutterproofing tips

Due to supply issues, Lay-flat Lustre is out of stock, but will return in May.

Satin 170gsm photo book paper This is our most popular and versatile paper as it reproduces blacks, whites, colours and images of any quality superbly. While it is our most affordable option this high-end Japanese stock is worthy of any project, especially books with many pages.

Max pages: 200
Tone: Bright white with a light sheen
Feel: Silky smooth
Colour: Balances colour vibrancy and contrast well

Lustre 260gsm lay-flat photo book paper

Due to supply issues, Lay-flat Lustre is out of stock, but will return soon.

This is our top-shelf paper, and it works well with all kinds of photographs. Its texture is similar to traditional lustre photo paper, and it includes a flexible black-hinge that allows every book page to lay beautifully flat, regardless of where it sits in the book. This makes Lay-flat Lustre perfect for designs where photos span two pages. Be careful to not place important parts of a photo across the gutter, as it may be interrupted by the black hinge.

Lay-flat Lustre is not available for Grand Landscape books

Recommended max pages: 100
Tone: Off white with a light opalescent sheen
Feel: A thicker paper with a similar texture and surface to photo paper
Colour: Beautifully balances vibrancy and contrast
Exceptions: Not available in Grand Landscape size
Ratings: Permanence certified for over 200 years.

Lustre 190gsm photo book paper This stock is brilliant for those who want beautifully rich colours and deep blacks, and like the look and feel of traditional photographic paper. Unlike Lay-flat Lustre, Lustre 190 produces a curved rather than flat gutter.

Recommended max pages: 150
Tone: Bright white with a light opalescent sheen
Feel: A heavier paper with a similar texture and surface to photo paper
Colour: Balances vibrancy and contrast, reproducing bright whites and rich blacks
Ratings: Permanence certified for over 200 years

Eggshell 148gsm photo book paper This matte paper has a soft, artistic feel making it especially suitable for baby books, wedding albums and history books. Like all uncoated matte paper, images appear slightly more muted and desaturated.

Max pages: 200
Tone: Off-white
Feel: Uncoated matte paper with a subtle texture
Colour: Colours are softened and less saturated, while blacks are non-reflective

Range of photo book papers


First impressions count, so make your cover memorable. Feature a hero photo on a printed photo cover to grab attention, or select a stylish fabric cover to blend in beautifully with your home decor.

Make your cover selection when placing your order online. If you choose a printed cover for your photo book, you will need to create the design in the software then choose Printed Cover when ordering online.

All our hardcovers use a sturdy 3mm board so they will last for years to come.

Printed photo book covers Make a statement by designing a custom cover in Momento’s software, that features your photos on the front and back. Add spine text to easily identify it on the bookshelf, then choose a matte or gloss laminate finish when ordering online.
Deluxe faux leather photo book covers Luxurious leather-like materials that will create an elegant finish for wedding albums and keepsakes celebrating personal milestones or special occasions.
Linen photo book covers Contemporary linens with a tactile open weave in a range of classic and trending colours. They’ll fit right in with your decor but avoid dark colours for books that will be handled often.

Most linens in our range carry the Sustainability Mark as they are FSC certified and made from earth-friendly materials including recycled fibres, sustainable cotton, flax fibres and/or Lenzing Ecovero viscose fibres.
Premium photo book covers Metallics in versatile colours, and a matte black cover that is extra durable and easy to clean with a damp cloth.
Buckram photo book covers Buckram is a classic option and the material of choice for bookbinders because of its style, strength and durability. It’s also affordable and will complement any project.
Photo books covers range


Make your photo book your own by customising it with unique options that can be added to the cover or the inside pages. These special touches are designed to create a sophisticated finish and professional aesthetic when your book graces the coffee-table or book shelf.  See our tips on choosing the finishing touches.

Photo book text embossing For a distinguished introduction to your book or box, add a title to the centre. Think holiday destinations, dates, or the bridal couple's or birthday girl's names. Choose an emboss foil colour that will stand out or reflects the colour scheme of the pages.

Font: Devon 42pt (14.8mm)
Available characters: A-Z   0-9   ,   .   '   "   -   +   &   |   space

Large 42pt photo book text embossing
Maximum Letters  Landscape Portrait Square
Grand Book + Box 25 18 18
Regular Book + Box 18 13 13
Small Book + Box 13 9 9
Dust jacket for photo books A wrap around sleeve will make your book look like a professional quality coffee-table book, and offer extra protection. Design it in Momento’s software, then check the Dust Jacket box when ordering online, then opt for either matte or gloss laminate.
Photo book end pages These are the first and last pages that secure the cover to the pages. White is the default end page colour, unless you choose to upgrade to Black. End pages are selected when ordering online.

Photo book end page colours
Photo book frosted fly pages

Add a smooth, translucent vellum sheet before the first page to create an introduction with impact in a wedding album, christening book or birthday gift. Not available with Lay-flat pages.

Only available while stock lasts

Photo books options

Presentation boxes

For the ultimate presentation, protect your photo book in a heavyweight box lined with matte black paper. Only available for Regular and Grand size photo books.

Clamshell boxes Feature your favourite photo on a printed cover or choose a material that matches your book. The box is hinged at one end for easy opening. Text embossing is available with material covers only.
Gift boxes

For a more economical option, order a lid-and-base gift box with a stylish matte black finish.

Presentation box range

Photo book boxes

Production time

Production time does not include shipping.

Standard 14 days
Priority 7 days**
** Priority production doubles the cost of your order, ex shipping charges
** Priority production is only available for photo books
Photo book production times



Take our virtual showroom tour

You can personalise every single detail of your photo book. Step inside our virtual showroom to see the beautiful paper, cover and finish options we've handpicked to suit any project, style or budget.

Making a photo book is easy

Momento's desktop software makes it possible for anyone to design photo books with ease and convenience. The automated tools generate quick and stylish page designs, while the manual tools allow to get as creative as you like.


Learn the software's secrets in our step-by-step and video guides. We recommend you also read our tips on gutter-proofing. The gutter is where the two pages meet at the centre. The binding process naturally results in a small part of the image being lost in the seam, so avoid placing any important parts of a photo in this area. Also be aware that, as a book gets thicker the gutter gets deeper, especially in portrait, small, and Regular square format books.


How to make a photo book


 Photo Book Services Directory

More inspiration
Photo book design tips
Photo book design tips

In a nutshell: have a plan; less is more; and choose the size, paper and cover to suit its purpose. View our design guide for top layout tips and to learn how to avoid goofy graphics.

How to design a great photo book

Book binders
Handcrafted by humans

Take a peek behind-the-scenes at our team printing and binding your books with extra TLC and a quality check on every page. We promise accurate colour and premium materials.

Learn more about us

Manage your photos
Manage your photo files

Don't let your photos get lost in the digital black hole, print them in a memory book that you and your kids can enjoy forever. Learn how to sort and back photos up to keep them safe.

Photo Management Basics


Customer love
"We just got our family photo album and the digital photo book printing looks amazing. I am in love with it. Thank you! It will be a memento we treasure forever." Catherine Port
"Got the book today - great result! Handles and looks the best." Darran Leal, World Photo Adventures





All Momento photo books are locally handcrafted Get Started


Common questions
Lay-flat Lustre is our top shelf paper as it allows your pages to sit perfectly flat. The pages  are able to lay …
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Exporting happens at the end of the design process, when you have finished designing in Layout View. Click the Export …
Unless you want a Printed cover for your photo book, you will choose the cover material via the order form, after your …
To edit a project, locate and open the project’s .mbk file on your computer. If a pop up appears stating that the …
In the Top Right area of the software you have two options. One is ADD TEXT the other is SET STYLES. SET STYLES …
When you are designing your Momento project, the photos you are dragging and dropping onto the layout are being sourced …
Our photo books are made with the finest and most enviro-friendly materials. Photo book prices start at $50.00 for a …
The colours in your Momento print may differ from the colours you see on your computer screen, particularly if your …
The photo books and stationery are printed on an HP Indigo digital offset press with award-wining colour reproduction.…


Photo Credits: The Blonde Nomads, Aishe Besam, The Light Collective, Lynne Woolley, Matt Barber, Ben Adams, Robin Moon, Emma Randall, Bec Stewart, Drew Hopper, Sandra Henri