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  • Where do Momento make their products?
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  • When do I choose the cover material for my photo book?
  • What if I need help?
  • Where are Momento products made?
  • I live overseas. Do you ship to international addresses?
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The women of our world on International Women’s Day

Momento staff


In honour of International Women’s Day we want to introduce you to the fabulous females who make our business run so smoothly and put the TLC into our service, software and products. Endless thanks to Aya, Jess, Ling, Jenny, Jackie, Ellen, Lidia, Lisa, Priya, Nadia, Susan, Gina, Elizabeth and Libby for making our world go around.


Aya - Production Manager


Production manager

Aya is the most organised and efficient lady you’re likely to meet and she has been keeping our production team running smoothly for over 11 years. Her professional growth has been exceptional. When she first arrived she carried a dictionary to look up new words and now negotiates complex supplier agreements on a daily basis.



Jessica - Operations Manager


Operations Manager

Jess is a powerhouse, with the capacity to juggle a thousand balls at once while sharing her wit and humour. She was born in Dunedin but has called Australia home for over 12 years. She joined us as a customer service rep but quickly became Service Manager and now Operations Manager.

Jenny and Ling - Bindery

Jenny & Ling


These skillful women have been binding books for 15 years with patience, precision and TLC. Every day they prepare and stitch the book blocks, attach the spines, case in the covers, and press the books so they’re in immaculate condition before we send them out the door.


Jackie - NZ Service Manager


NZ Service Manager

Jackie only offers customer service at 150% and our Kiwi customers love her for it – as do we. Jax has been working in the print industry for over 20 years and is an avid photographer and photo book maker with an extensive knowledge of our software. She’s always ready with a joke, and a hug, and deals with each customer like they’re the only person on the planet.

Lidia and Ellen - Production

Ellen & Lidia


Between them these ladies can perform any task in our production process from quality assurance to cover printing, page lamination, spiral binding and dispatch – all with impeccable attention to detail. Lidia always alerts our marketing team to unique books, and I’m sure Ellen has kissed a few orders before they go out the door to wish them a safe ride!

Lisa - Volume Order Manager


Volume Order Manager

Lise has also moved through the ranks over the last 11 years from service rep, to Service Manager, and most recently as the protector of volume orders – guiding them and their creators through the process from design to delivery. She’s also a member of our ‘Style Council’ that chooses new materials and makes decisions on the aesthetic of new product lines.


Priya - Lead Software Developer


Lead Software Developer

You reap the benefits of Priya’s intelligence every time you use our software. For the last 13 years she has managed its daily development and shown incredible patience in coding, testing and resolving any technical issues that sometimes arise.


Nadia - AU Service Manager


AU Service Manager

You met Parisian born Nadia a few weeks ago in our ‘In the end photos are all you have’ newsletter. She’s a recent addition to the team, and rounds out our internationally diverse crew. Her skills as a portrait photographer give her invaluable knowledge for supporting customers, and in helping us make decisions about new service offerings.

Susan - Accounts



Susan’s mastery with all things numbers and finances is extreme. She has been managing our books for over 10 years with good humour and she is a major contributor to our business success.

Gina and Elizabeth - Customer Service

Gina + Elizabeth

Customer Service

These two are Nadia’s trusty team members who go out of their way to offer genuine service and support to every Momento customer. Gina’s diverse general knowledge influences her role as Book of the Month judge and Camera Club Program coordinator, while Elizabeth’s experiences as a photographic artist allow her to guide customers on the best book design.


Libby - Co-Founder + Marketing Manager


Co-Founder + Marketing Manager

Libby eats, sleeps and breathes Momento, and loves helping Momento customers realise their photo book projects with ease and enjoyment. She believes that the more she can educate and inspire you on how to save your photos and turn them in to physical prints, the more you and your family can enjoy them now and well into the future.