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The Perfect Photobook

3. How Many Pages?

Once again, more pages don’t necessarily make a better photobook. A book with 20 pages of really good photos will look a lot better than a book with 40 pages that’s a mixture of good and average photos.

Once you’ve counted up your photos, you can quickly work out how many pages you’ll need, depending on how many photos per page you use. If you have 200 photos, then you will probably want several photos per page, but if you have just 20 photos, then you might have a single photo per page with a blank page opposite.

Your finished book should have just the right number of pages. You shouldn’t flip through and think that’s a lot of paper for very few photos, but nor should every square centimetre of paper be covered with a photo.

If you don't have many photos, one per page can look great

With careful layouts, many per page can look just as good